Introducing GW Dryers

 GW Dryers feature a technology, which takes advantage of the superior heat conduction properties of water, to gently and quickly dry your products.  The process uses low temperatures and takes only minutes to complete and create crystal powders. With no or little use of carriers, GW Dryer is an ideal drying technology for your high-value, natural food ingredients. This revolutionary dryer design offers superior results across a broad spectrum of products - foods, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and algae. GW Dryers were formerly known as RW Dryers or Refractance Window Dryers.

Benefits of a GW Dryer

  • Scientifically proven Superior Flavor, Color and Actives Retention
  • Up to 100% Product Yield with Low Operating Cost
  • Flowable Crystal Powder allowing for easy handling and transport
  • All Natural Powders


For all your Drying Needs

The GW Dryer is your total drying solution. Below are the three ways you can work with us to get your product to the market faster.

  1. Pilot Scale Testing at Our Facility or Yours. Ask about our new pilot dryer lease option.
  2. Contract Drying Services at our FSSC 22000, food-grade certified facility. Trust our experienced team to meet your specifications with consistent quality.
  3. Own a Scalable GW Dryer. Purchase a GW Dryer for your own facility. The GW Dryer is scalable, so your drying capacity can be easily increased as your business grows.

GW Dryer serves as an alternative to other industrial drying methods including freeze drying, spray drying and vacuum drying. To find out if GW Drying is right for your product, please click on the  Contact Us icon and complete a simple questionnaire.